Inspired Adventures FAQs

What do Inspired Adventures do?
Inspired Adventures create and manage charity challenges on behalf of Australian charities.  We are a fundraising agency that specialises in developing unique travel adventures to raise significant funds for not-for-profits.

We work with each of our charity partners to develop an exciting charity challenge event and then we bring in one of our travel partners to arrange the travel side of the adventure.  We develop the materials to promote each event and support the charity in marketing the adventure.

We develop the information and registration packs and we manage each adventure from the conceptual stage right through to your return and your feedback to us on your exciting experience. You will receive regular email updates in the 6-months leading up to your departure, reminding you of the important things to get organised.

Often and where necessary, one of our team will travel with you on your adventure as a tour escort.  Whilst we are not there to lead the trip or to provide logistical support, we will help motivate and escort the group on their journey. 

What support do I get from Inspired Adventures with my fundraising?
When you join one of our adventures we send you a registration pack which includes a fundraising toolkit and planner.  Approximately one week after you have received your pack we will call you to discuss ideas and plan a timeline of fundraising activities.

Each month we will contact you to see how you are going and to give you coaching and support along the way. Our team are available to talk to each weekday and you can also contact us to discuss your fundraising plan.  We will have a record of your fundraising plan, and as we are experienced in helping people achieve their goals we will let you know how you are tracking towards your fundraising goal.

Ultimately it is your responsibility to make sure that you adhere to the fundraising rules and regulations that are set out by the charity in your registration pack.  Each state has slightly different fundraising legislation and you can research this on the web.  You must make sure that your activities are legal and transparent and do not contravene fundraising law.